#spacecoins Shortbus Star


Welcome to crypto! Your did it! You have arrived at the official #spacecoins Fountain! Spewing $pace across the #Cardano universe!

Now that you're in crypto, you're probably asking yourself, how do I get these sweet, sweet #spacecoins?

Just follow the easy steps below and we'll send you some #spacecoins to get started!

Our lawyer told us to tell you, so you couldn't miss it, to carefully read and follow all of the instructions on this page OR ELSE!

She also told us "that's not legal advice" and to "get out of her office and stop licking the windows". So... do your own research (DYOR) and stay safe out there. This is crypto, and you are your own bank, with great power comes great responsibility and all that.

Step #1: Get a Cardano Shelley-Era Wallet

Make sure you only use one of the official Cardano wallets. We recommend either Daedalus or Yoroi .

Step #2: Get some Cardano Ada (the virtual currency of the Cardano Blockchain Network)

We don't care how you do it, but go get some. Now. Just don't do anything illegal to get it! Once you get it, put it in your wallet.

Step #3: Delegate/Stake your wallet to a Community Stake Pool Operator!

Join the discussion on Telegram or Twitter and get to know your SPOs, get to know their pool(s) and what they're about and pick one you like and delegate your Ada to them. You get rewards, the operator gets rewards, and the Cardano network gets more stable, secure, and decentralized. Everybody wins!

Step #4: Send us 2 Ada to the address shown below

All transactions on the Cardano Blockchain require Ada/Lovelace to pay for the transfer and storage. This is true for Cardano Native Assets (that's what #spacecoins are), too. When you send us 2 Ada we are going to take 1.5 Ada and return it to you with 50 #spacecoins. The rest will be used to pay the transaction fees to send you #spacecoins. If there's any leftover we'll donate any additional Lovelaces to our friends at GROW pool and their charitable mission for Save the Children International .

Use the QR Code below or send your #spacedust to the following address:



Disclaimer/Disclosure If you like to lick windows and fail to follow the instructions above, please be advised that we will not be sending you any #spacecoins and will send you back 1.5 Ada and keep the remainder assuming that you just like to do charity. If you send us less than 2 Ada we're just going to keep the whole thing for charity. If you've already used this fountain before, you can't use it again. You can try, but the same policy above applies. We'll send back your dust and keep your donation.

Step #5: Your did it!

Strap on your #spacehat, buckle up, and enjoy the ride! Join our #spacecoins Telegram community at https://t.me/cardanospacecoins . Once we receive your #spacedust you should notice the #spacecoins arrive in your wallet Soon™.

#spacecoins Logo!!!

This #spacecoins fountain is a product of Adam Dean (BUFFY Stake Pool, Crypto2099, Corp) and #spacecoins are the twisted brainchild of Kyle Solomon (Adosia, FROG/WOLF Stake Pools). None of this ridiculous nonsense would be possible without the entire Cardano Community but special thanks to Rick McCracken (Digital Fortress, DIGI Pools), Martin (ATADA Pools), Andrew Westberg (BCSH Pools), Silvio Hiro (creator of the "official" #spacecoins logo), Liberty.Crypto , EyeOfTheKing - EoK and so many more!